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Laser Rangefinding Scope
Finally, the integration of a high-performance laser rangefinder into a quality riflescope has been successfully executed. The Burris LaserScope combines rugged, recoil-proof construction with the latest in sophisticated micro-circuit technology in a seductive package at an affordable price.
The LaserScope includes the popular Burris Ballistic Plex reticle and our experienced mechanical engineers have designed a patented mounting system that provides an ultra-low mounting configuration.
Available in 4X-12X-42mm
6X-24X XTR Extreme Range Tactical Scope
Designed specifically for long range to extreme range engagement, the new 6X-24X XTR includes XT-1000 Extreme Range Tactical Adjustment Knobs. The elevation knob features 50 inches of adjustment in just a single revolution in 1 inch increments per click.
Fullfield II Tactical Riflescopes
Outstanding performance at a great value describes the new Fullfield II Tactical lineup. Hi-Lume lens multicoatings on ALL lens surfaces deliver optical clarity while the TAC-2 adjustment knobs provide ease-of-use and accessibility. The hard anodized, non-reflective, low sheen finish is Type III Mil-Spec Olive Drab.
EuroDiamond 3P#4 ElectroDot Riflescopes
For the extreme low light hunting (and night hunting in parts of Europe), the 3X-12X-56mm and 2.5X-10X-50mm riflescopes deliver the ultimate in low light performance. The 1X-4X-24mm produces the largest field of view possible for dangerous game, deep woods hunting and moving game, and at 4X this scope can deal with any big game animal at several hundred yards. The 3P#4 ElectroDot reticle and turret-mounted illumination switch are the finishing touches on these ultimate low light scopes.
2X-7X-35mm Fullfield II

Just the right size, field of view, and magnification for mountain rifles, slug guns, and muzzleloaders. The Ballistic Plex provides for trajectory compensation to fully take advantage of today’s more advanced slug loads and muzzleloading bullets. Available in matte or camo finishes.
2X-7X Handgun LRS
In keeping with the Burris reputation of leading the way in handgun scopes and to satisfy consumer demand, we’re introducing the world’s first Lighted Reticle handgun scope, the 2X-7X LRS.
Signature Select Binoculars
Enhancements to the already highly regarded Signature Series binoculars have created the ultimate in binocular technology. The new Signature Select lineup includes lens and prism coating refinements, focus calibration improvements and extremely precise collimation specifications as well as more user-friendly eyecups and objective lens covers.
Fullfield II Camo Binoculars
See, but don’t be seen. Here’s full-size performance in a compact, lightweight, concealable binocular package.
XTB Xtreme Tactical Bases
Solid steel bases designed for maximum mounting flexibility. Allows for the lowest possible scope mounting
Double Dovetail Rings
Now available in low, medium, and high matte black and nickel finishes.

Medium and High 30mm Signature Zee Rings
Perfect for your Euro Diamond and Black Diamond riflescopes.

Medium .22 Signature Rings


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