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Developed Exclusively for Firearms, Tested and Recommended by Professionals:

- superbly removes fouling, metal debris and old lubricants from barrels´ bores
- excellently rises and penetrates – it goes to all parts of the firearm
- ensures reliable operation of the firearm and extends its service life
- provides a long-term protection against corrosion, there is no need for any additional preservation
- Cleans thoroughly
- Lubricates
- Long-term protection

Gun Remedy benefit plus:

- dries-up after application = the firearm gives a very comfortable feeling when touched
and is perfect for handling and control
- repels water and does not accumulate dust or dirt = use in any environment
- minimum influence over the first shot = the firearm is always 100% accurate
- every subsequent clean-up of the firearm using the Gun Remedy is less laborious and shorter in time
- the product is friendly to other parts of the firearm and equipment or outfit - rubber, plastic, wood…
- practical package with applicator = aerosol with filling 150ml (5.07 fl.oz).



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