Ný og betrumbætt útgáfa af hinni þrautreyndu Urika línu



Beretta is introducing an enhanced version of the award-winning AL391 Urika shotgun that has sold over 1.5 million units worldwide since its introduction.

The new Urika 2 has several new and notable features which will make it the fastest, easiest, and smoothest handling semiautomatic on the market today.

URIKA 2 GOLD 12/28"

The Beretta gas system is twice as fast as any other operating system. The gas system has been improved by the addition of a spinning and self-cleaning action. As gas pressure is fed into the gas cylinder, a series of expandable fingers on the piston expand outwardly to clean the gas cylinder as the action cycles.

URIKA 2 12/28"

Additionally, the gas piston is imparted with a spinning motion and “scraper teeth” to ensure carbon deposits are thoroughly dislodged and removed from the gas system. This improved cleaning action greatly contributes to enhanced reliability and longer functioning shooting periods between cleaning.

Beretta gas operation system with SS
( Spin cleaner Self cleaning ) Piston :

Thanks to SS Piston concept and an improved calibration of the shotshell elevator, reliability is improved of more than 40% Maintenance rate reduced of 50%

An outstanding Beretta patent that far exceeds the claimed performance of the competition in similar systems of recoil reduction.

An outstanding Beretta patent that by far exceeds the claimed performance of the competitors in similar systems of recoil reduction capability.

The recoil reduction system of this shotgun is superior to rubber recoil dampeners used by competitors .

This technology has been carried over from the success of the Xtrema2. It is a true hydraulic recoil reduction borrowed from the proven automotive technology, which has absolutely nothing to do with the simple rubber pads of the competition that pretend to be recoil absorbers.

URIKA 2 GOLD 12/28"


X-Tra Grain Technology applied on a true walnut stock .
New finishing that exalts the grains of the wood
Forget about the artificial and cold look of walnut- like plastic film , this is real walnut with an enhancing process which dignifies the walnut stock .


Also, new is Beretta’s proprietary X-TRA GRAIN wood enhancement treatment on standard models. This wood surface enhancement treatment, applied to the walnut, improves the wood grain on the stock and fore-end. This process is obtained from a new technology that highlights the color contrast of the wood resulting in a beautiful and rich pattern.



For Upland hunters, this new product comes in a standard model that sports the new X-TRA GRAIN wood enhancement treatment – and for the first time on the base Urika – tasteful fine-line scroll engraving. The upgraded Urika 2 Gold features a higher grade of select oil-finished wood stock and fore end. The upgraded engraving scheme features gold-filled game bird inlays.


For Waterfowl hunters, the Urika 2 will also be available both with and with out the Kick-Off system– the most advanced recoil reduction system on the market. The Kick-Off option and Non Kick-Off option will be available in Synthetic, RealTree Advantage Max-4, and the new RealTree AP.


Competition clay target shooters will enjoy a full range of Urika 2 models. The original Urika became the semiautomatic of choice for competitive shooters due to its reliability, quality, and ease of maintenance. The Urika 2 takes these key features that made its predecessor successful and takes them to the next level of innovation and performance. The full range will include Sporting and Parallel Target models in both standard models with X-TRA GRAIN wood enhancement treatment and enhanced Gold versions with select oil-finished walnut and a floral motif engraving.


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