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Air Rifle Bók

9.500 kr.

Air-Rifle Shooting

All that you need to know about target rifle No. 1, the air rifle. Bound, on 204 colour pages, with over 1500 photos, drawings and graphics.
The top German and international shooters are pictured in action at the Olympic Games, World Cups, World and European Championships, Bundesliga and Bundesliga Final, German Championships and the German Seniors Championship.
Structured according to the current state of coaching science: Fitness, Outer and Inner Position, 3-Positions, Supported, Movement Sequences, the Air Rifle, Aiming Path Analysis, Practices, Psyche, Training Management, the Coach. Important developments and trends in equipment: rifles, sighting aids, aiming test, clothing, ammunition testing…

By Heinz Reinkemeier, Gaby Bühlmann and Maik Eckhardt.
With guest contributions from Claudia Kulla and Uwe Linn, Translated by Bill Murray.
A book for beginners, improvers and masters.
The standard text for coach education. Including for the first time, air rifle 3-positions and supported shooting, as well as a detailed section on aiming path analysis systems. Plus many exercises, questionnaires, record-keeping and training charts for helping with practical work.