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ASE UTRA hljóðdeyfir módel SL7i

73.000 kr.


S series SL7i sound suppressors are available in various calibres, from .308 Win up to 9.3×66. SL7i suppressors are updated and lightened variants of the earlier S7 suppressor. S series SL7i suppressors are manufactured out of 300 series stainless steel and are assembled by welding. Sound suppression 30–33 dB (1 m left of the muzzle, .308 Win), 26–28 dB (shooters ear, .308 Win). Weight 465–485 g (.30, 8mm), 570–590 g (.300 / .338). Diameter 44,5 mm (.30, 8mm), 45 mm (.300/.338).

SL7i is a good option for those who are seeking maximum sound suppression levels on .308 Win calibre for example. S series SL7i suppressors feature a robust construction and they are built for a long service life. The S series SL7i suppressor adds only 147 mm to the length of the weapon, with the diameter being 44,5 or 45 mm.

S series SL7i suppressors are available with a variety of internal threads to fit directly onto the rifle barrel.


.30 8mm .300 Win Mag/.338 Lapua Mag

465–590 g

162 mm

147 mm

44,5–45 mm

30–33 dB

300 series stainless steel

Blasted stainless finish or CeraKote


Stáldeyfir, 465-485 grömm, 147mm langur, deyfir 30-33 dB, skrúfast framaná hlaup og hentar því vel rifflum með opnum sigtum.

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