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Feinwerkbau P900 Loftriffill

860.000 kr.


Sophisticated technical features and a clear, timeless design are combined in
the new 900 model series from Feinwerkbau..

Design meets precision in the 900 Alu model.
Quailty components come together to form a high-precision sporting rifle and a multitude of adjustment options ensure optimal ergonomics.
This creates a new pace setter in the field of match air rifles!

900 Alu Hybrid Silber

Those are the convincing product features of the model series 900:

  • The further developed, adjustable absorber unit enables
    an individual pulse adjustment to the personal needs of the shooter.
  • The Model 900 can be conveniently reloaded – more space for
    easy pellet insertion.
  • The revised trigger unit has been optimized in terms of force
    distribution and consists of high-precision components made
    of HSS steel.
  • The maintenance-free pressure reducer has been redesigned for
    even smoother system operation and ensures significantly reduced noise during firing.
  • The optimized system bedding with double barrel clamping ensures highly precise groupings.
  • The latest grip adjustment from Feinwerkbau enables almost all desired settings to be made.
  • The sliding prism clamping of the Vario sight allows quick assembly and disassembly of the complete rear sight and is thus ideal for protecting sensitive attachments during transport.

All product features and an overview of all variants of the new 900 model series can be found in our product flyer.

The 900 Alu Benchrest model is available in silver or black as standard – in addition, the model can be customized in one of 13 special colors for an additional charge.

900 Alu Hybrid Silber   900 Alu Hybrid Schwarz

Even more individualization ex works?
No problem at Feinwerkbau!

On request, we deliver the 900 model series ex works with Centra precision sights. The Centra „SPY-long“ sight (or „SPY BR“ for benchrest rifles) is extremely narrow and compact in design and allows ideal space acquisition for balanced standing freehand and on the bench. The „SPY“ series of sights are ideal for shooting in windy conditions and are equipped with a backlight aperture that can also be used as a carrier element for the „Duplex“.
The „SPY-long“ sight has 24 clicks (approx. 0.2 mm per click at 10 m), the „SPY-BR“ has 48 clicks (approx. 0.1 mm per click at 10 m). In addition, the front sight
„Centra Score“ (or „Centra Score Plus“ for benchrest rifles) M22 with a clear front sight is also included. This can be swiveled steplessly around its own axis without tools and enables a pleasantly elegant target image.

MeshPro grips are not only a real eye-catcher, they also offer the user clear advantages over conventional grips. Due to the grid structure (mesh) produced in the additive manufacturing process, material and thus weight is saved. In addition to maximum stability, this mesh structure also ensures permanent ventilation of the grips.
The grips are available as right or left version in sizes S, M or L. Already ex works, with the option „MeshPro“, you can order your sporting rifle with the set of grip, cheek piece and hand rest in this revolutionary mesh structure on request.

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