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Feinwerkbau P8X Loftskammbyssa

386.000 kr.


The revolution in the range of match air-pistols made by Feinwerkbau.
Innovative features interacting with highest-quality materials together with a breath-taking
design set new standards in compressed air pistols!

  • Anatomical designed 3D-Grip made of nutwood
    (pivoted by 20°, twistable by 9°) with adjustable
    hand rest. Available in various grip sizes.
  • Vario trigger-shoe made of steel, adjustable threedimensionally
    and up to 4mm adjustable in height.
  • Adjustment of rear sight via coarse and vernier adjustment
  • Equipped with a block front sight 4,2 mm as standard
    As special accessories we offer front sights with width from 3,6 to
    5,1mm as well as raised front sights.
  • Included in delivery: 4 additional movable weights, 15g each for
    adaption of the balance point.
  • Sight line continuously adjustable in length (rear sight and front sight
    [re-adjustment of the rear sight not necessary when shifting the sight line!]

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