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HP Gróf skammbyssa


Caliber: .32 S&W
Height: 140 mm
Width: 49 mm
Overal length: 295 mm
Total weight: 1.130 g
Action: semiauto
Barrel length: 120 mm
Barrel rifling: 6D x 450 mm
Sight radius: 220 mm
Adjustment click: 5 mm
Grip sizes: RH: XS-S-M-L


Semiautomatic pistol with a mechanical trigger for 25 m Center Fire Pistol and CISM disciplines. Chambered in caliber .32S&W (also available in .32ACP in the USA), with fleeting mass blowback operating system and prismatic 5 shot capacity magazine. The bolt is made from special steel. The pistol has adjustable, twostage trigger. Fully adjustable rear sight and variable width of the notch. Wide choice of interchangeable front sights. Anatomical walnut grip available in various adjustable sizes. Custom grips or a copy of an already personalized anatomical grip can be made upon special request in our factory. Like the model SP, the HP versatility makes it the ideal pistol for Center Fire and CISM competitions. The low positioned center line of bore and the great recoil stability based on the action of the multi-function counterweight system with 6 steel weights help the marksman adapts quickly and improve his scores.